Chef Gennaro Amitrano

It was love at first sight between Gennaro Amitrano and the art of cooking. Gennaro was just a child when he began to approach to dishes and stoves, thanks to his father’s passion. The world of cooking fascinated him immediately, his destiny was somehow already written, marked. A destiny which is remarkably close to Italian cuisine, declined in all its most irresistible nuances, in all Gennaro Amitrano dishes.

Raised in the school of the multi-starred master Gianfranco Vissani, Chef Gennaro Amitrano worked with master Alain Ducasse at the Louis XV in Montecarlo. Two extraordinary experiences of training and inspiration, from which Gennaro learnt technique and organization of cooking, in full respect of raw materials.

Gianfranco Vissani was a real guide for Chef Amitrano, who worked alongside him in different occasion, such as the opening of the “L’Altro Vissani” restaurant in Baschi and again in Todi, Orvieto, Cortina and Capri. With Vissani, Gennaro Amitrano also took part in over 200 television broadcasts.

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